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Charities and Non-Profit Organisations


  • Sales by charities are GST-free if they are below specified percentages of market value.
  • Charities that operate retirement villages are not liable for GST on supplies of accommodation, accommodation-related services or meals
  • Raffles and bingo conducted by charities are GST-free.
  • The sale of most donated second-hand goods by a charity is GST-free.
  • Membership fees are subject to GST.
  • Certain fundraising events are input taxed.
  • Gifts and donations are not subject to GST, even though donors receive “tokens”.
  • Overseas aid delivered by an overseas body is not subject to GST.
  • Religious services are GST-free.
  • Religious practitioners carrying pastoral and related duties are not treated as carrying on an enterprise.
  • Charities will be able to claim input tax credits if they reimburse expenses incurred by volunteers.
  • If you buy something for your business and later donate it to a charity, that does not give rise to a GST adjustment.
  • Charities may be entitled to use simplified methods of accounting where they have a mixture of taxable and GST-free sales.
  • Charities can choose to adopt the cash basis of accounting irrespective of their turnover.
  • Charities are entitled to the special rules allowing branches to be treated as independent entities for GST purposes.
  • Non-profit bodies can take advantage of the GST grouping provisions and entities engaged in charitable activities can form GST joint ventures.
  • A grant is treated like a gift, and is GST-free, unless it is made in return for services.
  • Sponsorships would normally be subject to GST, as they are provided in return for advertising services.
  • Non-profit school tuckshops can choose to be input taxed on the food they sell
  • GST applies to the services of registered contractors, but not employees.



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