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GST Status Checklist


Exempt or concessional transactions.


This is an alphabetical checklist of the main types of transaction that are exempt from GST in some way, or are subject to special rules.


         Type of supply:          General GST status:
ATM transactions Input taxed
   Certain fund-raising Input taxed
   Donated second hand goods GST free
   Non commercial activities GST free
   Raffles and bingo GST free
   Retirement village services GST free
Child care GST free
Deposits No GST if refunded
Education GST free
Emission Unit Supply GST free
Employee services Not subject to GST
Exports GST free
Financial supplies Input taxed
Fines Not subject to GST
   Generally GST free
   Restaurant, hot takeaway, snacks,
Bakery products, etc
Subject to GST
   School tuckshops Input taxed (optional)
Frequent flyer points Not subject to GST
Funerals contracted pre 1 December 1999 GST free, subject to conditions
Gambling “Margin” rules
Gifts Not subject to GST
Grants (unconditional) Not subject to GST
Health and medical GST free
Health insurance GST free
Hobbies Not subject to GST
Imports Subject to GST with exceptions
   Exported GST free
   General Subject to GST
   Health GST free
   Life Input taxed
   Settlements Not subject to GST
   Travel Depends on status of travel
International mail GST free
Motor vehicles for disabled persons GST free
Overseas transactions
(unrelated to Australia)
Not subject to GST
Pre 1 July 2000 supplies Not subject to GST
Post 30 June 2000 supplies Subject to GST with exceptions
Precious metals GST free/input taxed
Private, non business transactions Not subject to GST
Professional and trade qualification courses GST free
Rates and taxes Generally, not subject to GST
Real estate transactions:
   Commercial rent Subject to GST
   Dealers and developers “Margin” rules
   Farm sales GST free
   Farm subdivisions GST free
   Government land grants GST free
   Residential rent (commercial) Subject to GST
   Residential rent (private) Input taxed
   Sale of commercial residential premises Subject to GST
   Sale of existing residence Input taxed
   Sale of new residence Subject to GST
   Sale of non residential premises Subject to GST
Religious services GST free
Sale of business:
   Sale of farm land GST free
   Sale of going concern GST free
   Sale of shares Input taxed
Second hand goods:
   Charities GST free
   Dealers Subject to GST/special rules
Supplier unregistered and not required to be registered Not subject to GST
Supplies under pre 8 July 1999 contracts GST free, subject to conditions
Transport and tourism:
   Cars for disabled people GST-free
   International travel GST-free
   Inwards duty free shops GST-free
   Domestic travel Subject to GST
   Returning tourists Entitled to refunds
   Travel agents Depends on status of travel
Vouchers Not subject to GST on issue
Water, sewerage and drainage GST-free or non-taxable


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