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Health Care


  • Health and medical services that are GST-free fall into the following categories:
    • Services of a medical practitioner or pathologist.
    • Services of allied health practitioners, such as physiotherapists, naturopaths, nurses and optometrists.
    • Hospital treatment.
    • Residential, home care and specialist disability services.
    • Medical aids and appliances.
    • Drugs, medicines and health goods.
    • Private health insurance.
    • First aid and life saving courses.
  • Supplies of cars to disabled veterans and other disabled people may be GST-free in certain circumstances.
  • Medical practitioners may need to consider forming a GST group in order to avoid having to pay GST on internal supplies made within the practice.
  • Equipment lease payments are subject to GST, though transitional rules may apply. Non-profit hospitals and nursing homes may be treated as charities and qualify for special concessions.
  • Special transitional rules apply to funerals prepaid before 1 July 2000.
  • Child care is GST-free when provided by approved bodies.
  • Grants may be subject to GST if there are any strings attached..
  • Special education courses for children or students with disabilities are GST free.

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