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Restaurants, Cafes and Caterers


  •  Restaurant, catered or eat-in food is subject to GST. Hot takeaway food is subject to GST.
  • Tips are not subject to GST.
  • Free promotions are not subject to GST .
  • No GST is payable on refunded deposits.
  • If glasses or cutlery are stolen by customers, no adjustment need be made to the input tax credit claimed for the item.
  • Input tax credits can be claimed for uniforms, tools and equipment purchased for staff, and in certain cases where staff are reimbursed for purchases.
  • Stock applied solely for private or domestic use will not be eligible for input tax credits, and a GST adjustment must be made if input credits have already been claimed.
  • Mixed businesses may be entitled to use simplified accounting methods for determining what proportion of their sales relates to GST-free food and what relates to taxable sales.
  • Abbreviated forms of tax invoices for smaller sales may be satisfied by cash receipts.
  • There is no need to issue a tax invoice if the value of the supply, excluding GST, is $75 or less.
  • The cash basis may be appropriate for businesses such as hot bread shops where the vast majority of sales are for cash, even though the normal requirements for using the cash basis are not satisfied.
  • Returnable food or drink containers are treated as second hand goods.
  • GST on sales through coin-operated machines is attributed to the tax period in which the machine is emptied.
  • Wine manufacturers, wholesalers and importers will be liable for wine equalisation tax.
  • GST applies to the services of registered contractors, but not employees.


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